Photo Restoration

Photograph Restoration Service

If you have got some old photographs but they are damaged, torn or discoloured then our Photo Restoration service is a great way of bringing the photos back to life and sharing the memories with your loved ones.

All of your images are scanned in at high resolution and restored on-site by a professional.

You can be assured that the original photographs will be taken good care of and we treat every photograph as if it was our own. Your photographs are irreplaceable and we treat them as such.

Photo Restoration Price Guide 2022

Photo Restoration Advice

Before we undertake the restoration process, we will give you advice and describe the best possible outcome of your photograph. We have years of experience and using cameras, film and prints when it was mainstream.

Some of the images may require hours of careful retouching or missing parts added back in. Other photographs can be done quickly.

Once we have completed the image we will send you a proof to view, we will then give you the option to receive it digitally or professionally printed.

If you did want the photo printing we use a professional photo processing lab for long lasting prints, these are not printed on an inkjet printer.

Wedding Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration Services

Please see below a list of legacy services that we offer alongside our photo restoration work:

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