Ten Year Marriage Celebration #TrashTheDress

#trashthedress can be controversial subject; some are for it, some against, some love the idea but could never imagine using their own dress.

We were approached earlier in the year by Rebecca Varty and her husband Rob, with an idea they’d had to ‘rock her frock’ – Rebecca & Rob had been married for 10 years in Sept (2014)  and she has really happy fond memories of their wedding day, wearing her beautiful dress. But it has been ‘in a box doing nothing’

They both had some clear ideas about the image they wanted to portray. When Rebecca & Rob married 10 years ago, Rebeca says that she was blonde and quiet understated, as both Rob & herself love the ‘rock chick’ scene, they decided to bring the dress out one more time only this time with a totally different look, different hair colour & style, they celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a photo shoot in Shipley Park to trash the dress.


001-Varty (1)


When Rebecca arrived wearing her dress, she looked amazing, armed with heels, very high heels! her wellies and wearing red stockings and suspenders, it was obvious that we were going to create something special.


a few romantic shots, after all this is a celebration of 10 happy years,

a few romantic shots, after all this is a celebration of 10 happy years


Rob stepped into the water carrying  Rebecca. There was a lovely feeling about this ‘rock the frock’ , they are obviously still as much in love as they were back then.


Rob ripping the Wedding Gown !

Rob ripping the Wedding Gown !


Totally working together on this, they both enjoy the tearing of the dress and after some sultry, intimate images using a perfectly positioned log on the edge of the lake. Torn, wet & muddy, happy that the dress has served its primary purpose and been her dream dress on their special day, one that has been worn,  used and enjoyed again, instead of gathering dust, being outgrown, or someone wearing what is after all ‘uniquely’ theirs.  Rob took a liberty and left his muddy hand print marks!!

098-Varty (2)

So on this happy occasion, maybe it’s not such a tragedy to #trashthedress  #rockthefrock or #drownthegown


What would you do with yours?  Is this so sad or is it equally sad to sell it on for someone else to walk to their waiting loved one, or gather dust, or make a christening gown?

Its all a matter of choice.

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