Purrrfect Pet Portraits

The great thing about being a photographer is the variety we get in the studio and are fortunate enough to be able to photograph.

Children can quite often be a challenge but nothing tests your patience and ability quite like pet portraits! Don’t get us wrong, many of our four-legged friends can be a breeze but some can be a bit more of a challenge. Take for example the kittens my daughter & son-in-law brought in a few weeks back, these 2 inquisitive felines just wanted to either explore the studio at rapid pace or hide their faces whilst they had a nap!

My last appointment of the evening (8:30pm) meant that I was able to give the kittens my full attention without the pressure of having other portraits afterwards. Finally, after lots of coaxing to try and get the perfect shot we eventually got some lovely images of Bella and Purr however it took over an hour to get the shots we wanted.

If you have a furry friend that you’d like us to shoot (by camera obviously) then why not get in touch to arrange your portrait? You can join them on the shots too if you wish! In the meantime check out our pet gallery to see some of the great shots we’ve captured so far…





Bella and Purr

The Duo!

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