My First Wedding – Then and Now!

It was back in 1984, the 20th October that I stood, camera in hand, ready to shoot my first ever wedding! I’d been asked by the prospective Groom namely David Bacon to take some photographs at his wedding despite never having done a wedding before. My passion for photography was evident in my landscape photography work and also the photographs of my family, but capturing somebody’s ‘Big Day’ was a totally different ball game altogether!

The Wedding was at Chesterfield Registry Office however, I was lucky to get there after my Vauxhall Viva broke down in Ripley on the way to the ceremony. Somehow, I managed to convince my dad to lend me his Jaguar XJ6 so I could get to the wedding only to end up scratching it in a multi-story car park!!

Otherwise, the day went well and that was that; I produced their wedding day, captured in print, and handed it across in an album.

Then, out of the blue one day in July 2015, I received a call from Mr & Mrs Bacon to tell me that their son was emigrating to Australia and to ask if I could do them a family portrait. I was so honoured that they’d taken the trouble to look me up and ask, there’s no way I’d have ever refused! And so, I had the pleasure of taking the photographs of them as a family. Better still, their daughter was also expecting her first baby and after the baby was born I was given the opportunity to photograph their new grandchild too!

So, I shot my first wedding in 1984 and the same supadupa!! couple I had the pleasure of photographing again 31 years later with their first grandchild. What an honour!  Even if it does make me feel old!

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