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Branding Photography

If you’re looking for affordable brand photography in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire area, then with over 30 years of experience, Merv Spencer Photography should be top of your list.

Professional Branding Photography

Whether you want to show off your skills, a product or your brand as a whole, we’ve got a range of packages that will suit you.

Brand photography is ideal for those businesses that want to be seen and this day and age with social networks and professional websites, it’s important to portray that professional yet personal approach to potential clients.

We can produce eye catching social media content, full re-brands or super stand out portraits, this can be either in your own environment or at our photographic studio in Heanor.

If you really do want to make first impressions count, then count on Merv Spencer to create the right image for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

We try and cover all company budgets. We have packages that perfectly suit small to medium sized businesses, but we offer bespoke packages if you can’t find what you’re looking for in what we offer below;

Mini Session

Ideal for businesses that have 1 to 2 people, our mini session includes an hour of my time with plenty of different shots taken, this even includes head shots. From these you will receive 20 high resolution images which you can download from our portal perfect for use on your social media and/or website. Book now for just £195.


Our Brand 3 package includes a pre-consultation. This can be done in person or via Zoom or Facetime. We discuss what you’re looking to achieve by using Merv Spencer as your branding photographer, and at the same time we aim to gather a better understanding about you, your business and your back story. We then offer a 3-hour photography session within the confines of your business or utilising our photography studio in Heanor. All for just £395.


As you have probably guessed, Brand Day is a full day (6 hours) of photo shoots and is ideal for small to medium sized businesses. Before we begin, we carry out a pre-consultation, discussing in detail what you’re looking to achieve from the branding photoshoot and like our Brand-3 package, gain an understanding of your business, the people behind it and the back story.

The photography session can take place in your place of work or in our studio in Heanor, we can also accommodate both locations depending on where you are. We then go through our checklist and ensure that all of the points that were discussed in the pre-consultation have been covered. When it comes to headshots, Merv Spencer is a people person and will spend the time with each person, making sure they are relaxed but look professional all whilst injecting some fun into the session. This package starts at £995.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is such a frequent question, it had to appear at the top. Think about what you need to get across to your client, first impressions really do make all the difference.

If you work in a professional environment such as a Solicitors or Accountants, it’s important to look smart and come across to the client that you offer knowledge, trust and authority, leave it to use to make sure your photos don’t look to ‘stuffy’.

If you’re a creative such as a designer, social marketer or artist, it’s important that you include a creative flair within your imagery, whilst appearing relaxed and contemporary.

Don’t forget to consider your brand identity, it’s really important that the photos we take fit in with your existing branding or proposed re-brand. If you’ve already got photos on your website that you don’t want to change, we need to consider this in the pre-consultation.

The day before your shoot, make sure that your clothes are fit for purpose. Wash, dry-clean and iron everything before your shoot and pack spares, what might look good at home in front of a mirror may look different on a computer monitor.

Colour is another really important factor to the perfect brand photography session. Wear colours that work well with your skin tone, hair colour and complexion. Wearing the wrong colours could make you look drained and could age you.

Where possible, choose solid and mid-tone colours. Go for greens, blues and purples as they complement most complexions. Pastel tones can make you look drained and pale. A shirt that’s bright and white gives a crisp and clean look to you and your photographs.

If you want some guidance on getting the right look, I’d highly recommend the services of a personal stylist, they can advise on the best colours and look for you.

Yes, we can recommend a few local companies who specialist in beauty and makeup. I can liaise with your chosen supplier so that on the day we get the right look for digital imagery. What might look good in person, looks completely different on a computer monitor, this is where our experience comes in.

It’s important to use brand photography to capture the story of you and your business, so the best locations will always be your place of work. Whether you’re a coffee shop, shared office, gym, retail outlet or a studio, you look best, relaxed in your own environment.

We are one of the small number of branding photography businesses in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire that has a dedicated studio, so should you want those white background crisp headshots or team photos, we can achieve this.

For the larger sessions, we recommend 2 or 3 different locations for the shoots. You may wish for one can be outdoors, especially if your business lends itself to work in the environment.

We understand you may believe that not all real-life places of work may suit a branding photography session however if this is the case it might be a good idea to hire a work space, just for the photo shoot, to give that professional look.

This depends on which package you book, our mini session allows you 60 minutes of my time, the Brand-3 package covers 3 hours and our Brand-Day package covers 6 hours. If there isn’t a package that suits you and your business, get-in-touch. We can tailor a package to suit you and your requirements.

Make sure you allow time before we arrive so that you can get ready and ensure you’re happy with your appearance and feel as relaxed as possible. We’ll arrive early to set-up any equipment, check light levels and anything else that’s necessary. We always ensure we get the required shots, in limited cases our shoot may sometimes over run slightly. We ask you to be mindful as to not book anything in for immediately after our session.

The items below aren’t essential for a branding photography shoot, but recommended where possible:

  • Comb or Hairbrush, selection of hair bands if required and some hairspray
  • Make-up kit and try and include a matt powder or translucent.
  • Mirror, even if it’s a small pocket mirror
  • Lip Gloss or Vaseline – Lets cover those dry lips and make you shine
  • Toothbrush, especially if your session is post lunch.
  • Your outfits and again, give yourself time to get changed before we arrive
  • The right shoes, its alright getting your clothes, but don’t forget the right footwear
  • Accessories such as sunglasses, jewellery, hat or scarfs
  • Business Props such as laptop for professionals, yoga mat for the trainers or coffee cups for the café owners etc.
  • Water and Snacks – Yes, even we’ll bring some for ourselves.

Yes, it may sound like you’ll be moving house for the day, but that suitcase of goods is essential for us to capture those perfect shots.

You’ll be employing Merv Spencer Photography for your branding photography session and we ensure that all of the images that we take on the day as part of the package will be copyright free for you to use on your social networks or website. We may ask that we can use the images on our own website, if you don’t want us to, please do let us know at the point of booking.

We have 3 packages available:

  • Mini Session
  • Brand-3
  • Brand Day

They start from £195 for a 1 hour shooting session and a selection if images to use. If you feel that the packages don’t completely fit your requirement, please speak to us. We can tailor all of our packages around you and your business.

Once we have processed the images and done the edits, where required. We will upload your images to our shootproof gallery, this can be found at – Here you will be given a password for you to access the images and download them to your computer.

Cleared funds is required before the photo shoot and we would ask for a 50% deposit at the point of booking. Payment can be made via bank transfer or via our online payment form on our website where we accept all major credit and debit cards including Amex.

You can book your branding photography session online by completing our form, or you can call us using the contact details at the bottom of our website or contact us page.

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