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Boudoir @ Merv Spencer Photography

Tasteful, Seductive and a great Confidence Booster.

Our Boudoir sessions can be extremely personal, each and everyone of our boudoir clients have their own reasons for taking part and producing images. Professional service by me, Merv Spencer, from start to finish to get the look you want from the photographs.

We can organise something very simple, maybe you would like us to organise a makeup artist and hair stylist to enhance the look, you can choose what to wear and what not to wear, be as creative as you want, so long as you feel comfortable.

Once the session has been completed, we will invite you back to view the photographs, then the choice is yours to order the full DVD of images or order yourself some prints.

Find our more about our Boudoir Sessions by completing the contact form or by giving us a call on 01773 252000.