Best Makeup for a Photoshoot

Best Make-up for a Photoshoot

Ladies, we know you love to look your best so we’ve put together a few make-up tips to ensure you get the best results from your photoshoot.

      • The most important thing you need to remember is that the camera never captures make-up and colour in as much vibrancy as in real life. So it’s time to go against the usual rule of ‘less is more’ and think ‘more is more’. Apply more make-up for your portrait than you usually would for going out or everyday, even if you want a more subtle look in your photo you’ll still need to apply a bit more otherwise it won’t show up on camera.
      • Think about the type of make-up you’re applying. Applying too much light-reflecting make-up such as luminous bases or anything with a built in SPF can cause the light to bounce off the make-up and change the way it looks, giving a shiny result. Opt for matte make-up wherever possible and avoid SPFs to get the best results in your final photos.
      • The one exception to the rule is on the lips. A gloss or shine can make lips look fuller and more attractive in photographs, channel your inner Angelina Jolie 😉
      • Be sure to use a primer before you put on your foundation. A good primer will allow for a better base for your make-up and show fewer imperfections on the skin. If you have any redness in your skin try a green-tinted primer to conceal or counteract the red.
      • Eyes are the focal point. Define your eyes with the boldest colour, we recommend black even if you usually wear browns or greys. Add 2-3 coats of mascara to ensure definition and make your eyes pop.
      • Use an eyebrow pencil to define your brows, fuller brows look much better in photos than thin ones. Bear this in mind if you’re particularly fair, your eyebrows may need darkening slightly to ensure they show up in your photographs.
      • Make sure you’re happy with your make-up in natural light. If possible, check through the mirror in daylight, if you’re make-up looks good in natural light it will look good in almost any other light.
      • Finally, relax! We want you to walk away with images you love as well as enjoy the experience.

Make-up – Sophie Downing

Model – Immogen Claire

Hair – Annette Gray Hair Artist

Before we let our makeup artists on this ladyAfter we let our makeup artists on this lady

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