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3 Sisters, 3 Brides – Hatrick!

If there was ever a case of having a lucky number, in this story, 3 should be it!

Some years back, I was recommended as a Wedding Photographer to a lovely couple namely Beth and Robert, who after sitting down and viewing my work decided to book me to photograph their wedding.

Like every wedding I photograph, I was thrilled to be such an important part of this couple’s Big Day but little did I know that this wedding was going to be the first of 3!

Beth and Robert Jowitt married on 31st March 2013 at Shottle Hall, with 4 beautiful Bridesmaids, 3 of which Alice, Laura and Emily Davison are triplets. It was a fantastic day with many great moments captured. I also had the pleasure of meeting Beth’s parents Steve and Carol Harvey and Beth’s two sisters, Emma and Kate.

Not so long later, I was approached by Beth’s sister Emma. Emma informed me that she too was getting married, she was marrying her partner Gavin Wardman and was enquiring as to whether I’d photograph her wedding too. There was no chance I’d pass up on the opportunity and so booked their date in my diary.

The day arrived on 12th October 2014 at Swancar Farm, it was great to see all the family again and who Emma had chosen to be her Bridesmaids, only Alice, Laura and Emily, who had previously been Bridesmaids as Beth’s wedding. It was another fantastic day and I was honoured to be asked to capture Emma and Gavin’s special moments.

The best part came however, when I was asked by Kate, the youngest of the three Harvey sisters, if I would photograph her wedding too. Kate was due to marry her partner Adam Renshaw on 22nd October 2016 at Packington Moor Farm and I was thrilled to see I had the date available to be able to photograph their wedding too.

Once again I was reunited with all the family on Kate and Adam’s Big Day, witnessing the youngest of the three sisters marry. It was lovely to see Steve and Carol as well as Beth and Robert and Emma and Gavin. I felt truly honoured to be a part of this family’s special moments and to be able to pass on amazing memories in photographic form for them to treasure forever. The other great part I took from Kate and Adam’s wedding? Alice, Laura and Emily were all bridesmaids again!

So as photographic stories go, being chosen to photograph 3 sisters’ wedding days along with the same 3 triplets as Bridesmaids, it certainly has got to be one of the most memorable.

Thank you to the family for allowing me to take part in three such wonderful occasions, I’m truly honoured.

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